Our first Friday night races took place last week. It was a great time we had 20 people come out to the tracks to take part in the races. We had two tables running Formula D and one table running Snow Tails. I happened to be in one of the Snow Tails game. Both of which ended up being a photo finish. In one game there was Andy P, Elias B, and Rebecca B. all racing their sleds toward the finish line. Elias B, won that race with Andy hot on his trail ready to cross the finish-line next turn.

In my game there were five competitors: Max L, Minhal, Josh, Julian, and myself. Minhal got an early lead but Max and I were able to control our sleds and caught up to here in the final stretch. In fact I took the lead in the second to last round. Then I came across the finish-line with one extra move left. Next player up Minhal, with here banged up sled, lays down a card that evens out here dogs. Giving her a bonus which puts her one space ahead of me crossing the finish-line. Snatching victory right from my fingers. It was a great game and one I will not soon forget. I really enjoyed playing this one for the first time with these racers. We all had good laughs and a great time. I think I would like to have another race night one of these nights. I will have to see what you guys think.

For the Formula D races there were two winners. On one track it was Michael, Julia, Karlie, and Max H. In this race Karlie got off to a bad start, as it turns out she has a lead foot, she crashed through the first few turns, utterly destroying her car. It was a good race and I think all had fun who played. I was excited to hear that Julia, a fast and ferocious driver pulled in the victory on that track. As for the other Formula D players there was Brandon, Philip, Mark, and Chad. Philip’s car seemed to be held together by tape by the end of the race but he did finish. I was excited to see Brandon do as well as he did as it was his first time behind the wheel of a fast beast of a car like these. Philip’s amazing taped together car was the one who crossed the finish line first. Nice work!

No matter what racing game you took part in I think it is safe to say all had a good time. After the racing games were done people pulled out some filler games, Loopen Louie, Fantasy, and a new game we are testing called the Resistance. It was a good time and we all had some great laughs. Thanks for coming and having a great time at Game Club. I am still working on making this the best that USM has to offer. Lets keep working to make that true.

********** Braking News ****************

Snow Tails gets an award from Mr. Matera. I would like to honor this game and the designers with the award for the best new game piece of the year. The Big Paw! This game piece rules! I think we should use it in every game we play. It has no impact on the game, while at the same time having the most profound impact on the game. It is given to a player who is taking to long on there turn. They can’t pass it on until someone else takes longer then they did to play. Simply beautiful. I try to teach the game club member that it is important to plan your turn out a head of time. So that the game can move fast. However some students still take a considerable amount of time. This “Big Paw” is simply great!