Today in game club the sign-up sheet was full! Nobody else could come and that was final! During this wonderful game club we had one game of Age of Empires III, one game of Ticket to Ride America, one game of Ticket to ride Europe, and one game of Shadows over Camelot. In the Ticket to Ride Europe, the game I was playing, it was all out for routes! Elias, Daryl, Ibrahim, Sasha, and I were vying for points. People kept leapfrogging each other for all ofย  the spots! We had big routes and small, but eventually it was clear that Daryl was going to win. She was building the longest routes and getting the most points, and like everybody in our game expected, she won. In the other Ticket to Ride game Joey built up a huge route and eventually won the game. Ticket to Ride is a pretty fun game. In Age of Empires III which lasted all of game club and was a heated game. Chris made the first discovery and then went on from there. They each did a great job conquering lands and getting trade products. Chris eventually prevailed with Jay second, Bach third, Teresa fourth, and Jake fifth. That game was pretty fun. Shadows over Camelot was particulary fun today. Josh revealed Aaron as the traitor mid-way through the game. After that Aaron really couldn’t do much. The knights got themselves into some tight spots, with 11 siege engines on the board at one point. They eventually pulled it out, just squeezing through Aaron’s taunting. For the first time in Game Club history, the knights pulled it out, without the traitor winning. The winning knights were Max L., Minhal, Shiva, Josh, Rebecca, and Phillip. After that, all except the Age of Empire III people played another game. I will not go into detail now, although it was about gangsters robbing a bank. I guess you were all ready for this edition of Game Club. I hope you had a lot of fun!

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