Dear Thirdfloorgamers,

Over the last year and half I have really enjoyed learning and teaching new games with all of you. Historical Game Club was an idea I had when I came to USM. When I first asked if I could start a game club the response was “at my own risk”. Every time I explained what I thought this club could be and grow into people dismissed the idea; saying that I am thinking to big. Then within one year of its creating the club had reached the heights that I set for the first three years. We are used for the entire Social Studies department for enrichment, we have been asked to work with both the Art and Drama departments, and last year 72% of the middle school participated in the club in one way or another. The height of this club was seen last summer, when 34 students participated in Mr. Wilson and my summer camps, and all involved had a wonderful time. I know this summer is going to be even better, new games, new smoothies, and new medals.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of you for helping this club grow. We have a strong  game library and it seems to continue to grow each month. I want this club to continue growing, having more events, tournaments and options for all of you to grow.

My latest idea for the club is called the Special Forces, which is a dream team filled with students who really enjoy learning and most importantly mastering new strategy games. Being selected for the Special Forces dream team is an honor and should be considered carefully before agreeing to join. This is a group that I would hope could meet once a week and learn larger games, this is not for the faint of heart. Other duties could include teaching some games to the regular enlisted soldiers during a normal game club night as well as video, audio, or written entries on Thirdfloorgamers. The Special Forces are going to make up the back bone of the club. I will be contacting some of you shortly to see if you would be interested in taking this leap to push yourselves further. If you are not in the Special Forces right away that is ok, you could be asked to join at any time. Those of you who are asked, consider this carefully if you don’t live up to the responsibilities then you will be kick off the Special Forces. Those who do join will be given a new micro badge by their name which looks like this:

I look forward to some of you reaching for something greater….