Yesterday in game, some of us played a filler game called Monza. It is a very quick game where everybody has a tiny colored car. The cars go on the start line and we take turn rolling some dice. The dice have different colors on them which match the colors on the board. When you roll, you have to try to get as far as you can on the board. For example, if the blocks in front of my car on the board are green, yellow, white and purple, and I rolled those colors, I would play the dice in that order, moving to as many blocks as I can with the dice. You can only use one die once and the blocks you move to have to be touching the block your car is on. You always have to move to the block in front of you, but you can. There are also blocks on the board that are gray and have tires in them. You can’t move your cars on those. Over all, this game is very fun and very short, so you can play it again and again.