Friday the 18th was the last game club of 2009, we had three games going on, Stone age, Kingsburg, and Cleopatra. I was playing Stone age against Mr. Matera, Julian, and Sam D. Stone age is a game where you have your own tribe and have to feed them, build houses, and gain pionts,  Mr. Matera’s red clad “spartans” quickly dominated the points with Sam D. close behind, it was around this time that I figured out that I needed some points and quick ly overtook Sam D. Julian soon gained points and but not soon enough to bring him victory. Mr. Matera ended up winning with Sam D. in second me in third and Julian in fouth.

This was also the last game club of Stevan Hogan, his dramatic exit was highlighted by almost all of the participants of this game club holding him back and begging him not to go but he went anyway. This ended up as one of the best (and saddest) game club of the year. Happy Holidays!

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