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Last nights game club was the last one of 2009! It was a lot of fun, and we had three games going at the same time! At one table they were playing Cleopatra. Teaching them was Minhal. That game can play up to five people. At another table, they were playing Stone Age. I have no idea how to play that game or what it is even about, but it looked like a lot of fun. Teaching that game was Mr. Matera him self! At my table we were playing Kingsburg. That game can play up to five people, and it is a lot of fun. Teaching that game was Julia. There was Steven, Max L, Julia, Charles, and me. It was Steven’s last time going to University School, and I was glad to play a game with him.

Kingsburg is a really complicated game, but fun when you start to get it. One thing I like about it is that the turns go really fast, if everyone wants them to. We all were doing really well, but at first, it was tricky for all of us. Julia and I were trying to remember, and the rest were trying to follow along with our thinking! Once we all got it, it was a blast! Steven was the first to get a couple of points, and was doing really well from what it looked like. Max was also doing really well too. Once he got the hang of it, he was off to the head of the trail to win it! The rest of us were still in the back, but I started to get some points and soon made it up there! The thing that helped the most, was really luck! You wanted to get the highest role, or else you were last, or you didn’t get a whole lot, and in this game, the more the merryer! About half way through, Charles was starting to get all of the higher roles, and same with Julia. Charles just shot up to the front, leaving all of us behind! Julia was getting 17 a lot, and she would always shoot for the two highest people. Sadly, a little before everyone else was going to leave, Steven had to leave early. We got a group shot with him, and then out whole table took him down stairs for a last goodbye! Julia and I were about to cry, but then we started to play the game again, wishing he was still there. Game club ended really quickly it seemed, and it had all gone by so fast. Charles won with 22 points, Max and I tied for second with 17 points, and then Julia came in last. It was a lot of fun, and playing with Steven made it all the better! Best game club ever!

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