In our seventh game club,  we played an awesome game called Shadow Over Camelot.  This is a great game where players, playing as knights of the round table Work Together as a team to defeat the game board itself (4-7 players are needed for a solid game).  This is done by completing quests to earn white swords on the round table.  Black swords on the table are bad news, and those are collected by failing quests.  If the table is full with swords, and more are black than white, you lose.  You can also be defeated by getting your area outside the castle full with catapults, or siege armies, and you can lose if all of the knights die (which is very unlikely).  But that’s not all.  There is a traitor among the knights (this is chosen at the beginning).  Nobody knows who the traitor is, except the traitor.  The traitor works with the game board, and wins when all the others lose. accusations can be made, but you are penalized if you are wrong.  This casts a shadow of doubt over the players, hence the name, Shadow Over Camelot.  Players reside in fear, and nobody fully trusts anyone else.  It is a very hard game for the knights, but it is also very fun.  The seventh game club only had seven people, counting Mr. Matera, so we played one game as a whole.  The members were; Julian and Max, who were two newcomers to game club, Rebecca, Mr. Matera, Phillip, Minhal, and myself.  The game was played as the game would be played, but the outcome always looked grim.  Two false accusations were made at Mr. Matera and Rebbeca, and the traitor was not found even at the games closing.  By the end, all of the knights had fought a valiant battle, but it was one that they knew they had lost.  Finally, the game ended, and the traitor was kept a secret still.  It turned out to be Minhal!!!!  Personally, I didn’t suspect her at all.  Congrats, Minhal, for winning and playing the traitor magnificently.  I loved this game, and I am sure everyone else playing did too!!