This game is about climbing up a mountain and back. You start at the bottom and to the side there is a bar with sections each section is numbered on the board there are spots with a number so if I am at 4 high then on the section side I would go to the 4 section you want to get to the 10 section which is the top. You draw 6 cards and put 3 down. There are blue circles or green circle on top the blue is your lungs on a card there are blue lungs if you get to 0 you die you can get it up by playing a green on your turn if your lungs are 7 or higher you have to put it back to 6. The greens cards are the move cards the number on the card is how many you have to move because some places you must have 2 move to get there and some places you need one. The red places on the board are your lungs it say 1, 2 or 3 if you land there you must take however many away from your lung card. Once you get up you must get down. Then you go up again using your other guy. Once both of your people have gone up and down then you win. If they both die then you lose.