Hello fellow thirdfloorgamers. I am happy to report that July is here. We are past the 4th already (time flies) and moving ever toward our second camp of the summer. I am please to say that the 1st camp, Victory Points, went really well. Everyone had a great time. In fact I can’t wait for our second summer to do it all over again, with some new games of course. I hope many of you veterans of Victory Points, will come back next year to improve on these skills as well as have a great time again. For those of you who are still awaiting the Stay Sharp camp, your wait is almost over we will be at the camp in less then a month from now. Mr. Wilson and I have some great games/activities lined up for you when we begin. I can’t wait for it…

Hope your summer is going great and I will see some of you in less then a month.

Take care,

Mr. Matera