In honor of Blackbeard’s birthday you and up to five others race around Jamaica in the awesome game.  At the begining you get a deck of cards. Each card has two things you can do during your turn. You roll two dice to see how far or how much of any resource you collect. For example if the dice said 5 and 3 and my card said move forward the collect food  I would move forward 5 then collect 3 food. There are three resources that you can use. They are food, cannon, and gold.  Also on most spaces there are either squares or in some cases a number. Depending on the number of squares thats how much food you have to pay to be in that square. If you land in a port then you have to pay a certain amount of gold depending on the number on the port. If you land on the same space as another player you must attack them. There is another dice that you roll to see who wins but if you donate cannons you ad those to your dice roll. If you win you get to take a full hold from them. Same if they win. You get 6 holds in your ship. You can hold 1 group of things in a hold but cannot ad to a group. So if I had all of my holds full I would have to throw something of to get that resource. You cannot throw away the same resorce that you are getting of the boat. If you land somewhere on a space where there is a treasure chest on it you get to draw a speial card. Those can have a +3-7, -3-7, +2 to attack, or an extra space to your hold. Finally at the end of the game if your less that 3/4 of the way you get -5 points. From there on it starts saying how many extra points you get. To determin the winner you count how much gold you have plus what the number said. Ad them up and that is your score.