Today in game club we played an awesome game called intrigue.  But Beware!  As quoted by Mr. Matera, “Intrigue is the quickest way to break friendships”.  Yes indeed.  Intrigue is a game of unknown outcomes, which can result in very tough decisions, or lots of backstabbing.  The game is set up with each player having a palace, divided into 4 parts.  1 part is worth 1000, one worth 3000, one worth 6000, and one worth 10000.  Each player also starts with 16000 gold, and chips, colored of their choice.  The game is played by placing your chips on other players palaces each turn.  When that players turn comes around, they resolve the conflict (meaning that the chips on that palace would be placed accordingly).  Every player that has a chip on that palace will give the palace owner a certain amount of money to place their chip on one of the prices (1000, 3000, 6000, or 10000).  But after that, its up to the palace owner to distribute the chips!  This is where the “breaking friendships” part comes in.  The palace owner can do whatever they want with those chips.  For example, I could place a chip on Mr Matera’s palace, and offer him 10000 to place me on the 6000 space.  Mr Matera takes the money, but he could put my chip on the 1000 if he wanted!!  When I get my chip on anyone’s palace, the number that It was placed on adds to the amount of income I get every time my turn comes.  After several rounds, the person with the most money wins!  There are other little details, but I will skip to the game I played with Mr. Matera, George, myself, and another person whose name I cant recall.  The game started with me backstabbing George after a generous offer to me.  We were off to a bad start.  The person whose name I forgot started and finished with piles of money!  Later in the game, George and I became friends, and we started working against Mr. Matera!  It was a great game, but game club ended, and so we cut it short.  The person whose name I don’t remember won.  Mr. Matera came second, and George and I came 3rd and 4th.  It was an awesome game, and another awesome game club!!