Incan Gold is a very fun game much like Deal or No Deal. You are an explorer pushing your way into an old Incan temple in search of gold and treasure. You have two cards, one showing an explorer entering the temple and the other showing the explorer leaving. The entering is like No Deal,  the leaving card is much like deal. There are also cards that have treasure on them. They have varying amounts of treasure on them. Once a treaure card is shown the pot is split up the amount of treasure depending on how many people there are still in the temple. For example, if there were four players and twelve treasure then you would each get three treasure. Any remainders are put into , you area seperate pot. Artifacts often turn up also. These are also worth different amounts. Five for the first two, ten for the next one, etc. The only way to get the artifacts and the extra gold is to be the only person leaving at that point in time.  There are also cars with hazards on them. The hazards include zombies, fires, and more.  Once two of the same hazards show, and you are still in the temple, you are out without your gold. If you have already come out of the temple you and your gold are locked in for that round. You also can not re-enter the temple in the same round that you’ve come out. There are five rounds and whoever has the most gold at the end of the five rounds wins. It is a fun game of strategy and luck. Are you ready to play yet? You better be.