This game is a conspiracy of a group controlling everything. There are 8 groups you can be The Gnomes of Zurich (Personally I think this is the best), The UFOs, The Servants of Cthulhu, The Network, The Discordian Society, The Society of Assassins, The Bermuda Triangle, and lastly The Bavarian Illuminati. Each of these groups has a special goal and a basic goal, they also have a Special thing each Illuminati below the name is something extra they can do. To win you must complete the special goal and the basic goal, the goals are listed on your cheat sheet that Mr. Matera has for 2-3 players it is control 13 groups, for 4 player it is 12, 5 players is’s 10, 6 players 9, and 7+ players it’s 8. Now on your group on the bottom corners it has Income # and Power #(sometimes #/# <- this number is how much power you can give to other groups or players). The power is for when you are attacking (Down below explained) the income is how much megabucks you get. The order you play in is first you collect your income for all of your groups if you have more than one, second is draw a card from the deck, now there are 2 types of cards specials and groups, the specials you keep and can play them later in the game, the groups you place in the middle and if you want it you can attack it (Later explained), third (This step is optional) you can pass for 5 megabucks, fourth you can take two regular actions which are 1. Attack group 2. Give group 3. Move group 4. Transfer money now each one is explained on the cheat sheet but I’ll tell you it anyways. Attacking now  you cannot attack the Illuminati. There is 3 types of attacking 1. Attacking to control where if you win you control that group if it is attached to any other groups(Only if you attack it from someone) you get the groups after it, when you get it the is an in arrow on one side of the card what ever you attacked with it goes onto an out arrow on the attackers. 2. Attacking to neutralize it is the same as attacking to control but instead it and the ones attached go into the free group area they separate when in the free group area. 3. Attacking to destroy this is the same but the if the attacker wins the group it attacked is now destroyed and the ones attached go into the free area. Now when attacking you use your power ONLY from the attacking group unless another card can give power the defending group has a resistance. You take the power of the attacker minus the resistance of the defender that number is what you have to roll either the # or below it. But each card has a type (Besides Illuminates) each type has an opposite if you attack the opposite the attack is +4 if you attack the same type it is a -4. Also on all attacks each megabuck spent from the defending group is +2 resistance, any where else is +/- 1. If you attack one next to the Illuminati it is +10 resistance for that group and +5 for 2 away from the Illuminati, lastly +2 for 3 away. If you roll 11 or 12 it fail no madder what. Giving groups is you are just giving a group and any attached to the player you want to. Moving is when you take the group with the attached ones and move it ONCE only once to somewhere else. Transfer money is you move money over one group. The next step is free actions. The first is use a special card, all you do is play a special card from your hand if you have any. The next is dropping a group you just put it in the middle and the puppets (Groups) attached drop with it. The last one is give money/ special all you do is give a special or money to another player. After that step you can do 2 more money transfers. Lastly you can use any special Illuminati power that your Illuminati has that is for end of the turn.