In Game Club, we recently played a game of BANG! It’s an action-packed adventure staged in the American West. I’m sure you all already know how to play it, so I’ll jump to the synopsis of my game in particular. (There was only one game because of a shortage of members coming on Monday.)

The game consisted of 6 people in total: Rebecca, Mark, Shiva, Max L., Mr. Matera, and myself. We started off by selecting our character cards, and randomly selecting our roles. Rebecca had turned out to be the Sheriff and “Bill Noface,” the exact same pairing which she had been given earlier when we played the same game. There were also 3 Outlaws, 1 Deputy, and 1 Renegade which we would find out was really who later in the game. Starting with Rebecca, we all took turns and tried to one-up each other. There was plenty of lively conversation and we were all enjoying ourselves. From the get-go, Mr. Matera and Max created an alliance. The rest of us tried to become partners, but Mark, Shiva, and I remained lone wolves.

Throughout the game, the loners tried to gun down everyone. We almost succeeded in depleting Max’s health points on multiple occasions, but Mr. Matera was always there to give him a “Beer” card and help him out. Rebecca seemed a little confused as to who she should join forces with and who she should attack, so most of the game she just kept to herself. The rest of us however were using “Gatling” and “Bang” cards constantly and were all trying to kill each other. But as soon as one of us was about to die from another “Bang” or “Dynamite,” they luckily drew a “Beer” card and saved themselves, or were saved by another player placing them in “Jail”. After that, we all decided to gang up on the person with the next lowest points, Mark. We took care of Mark pretty quickly, and he announced he was an Outlaw. About halfway through our 50 minute game, I decided to shoot the Sheriff, Rebecca for no distinct reason. She didn’t even attack me back, strange enough, and later on tried to accuse Mr. Matera and Max of being Outlaws, which led to the frantic cries of them yelling, ” But he just SHOT you and you’re ACCUSING US!.” I was puzzled myself, because I had given away my role on multiple occasions, once by shooting the Sheriff, and twice by high-fiving Mark and yelling, ” Way to go partner!,” when he was eliminated from the game.

Sadly, enough the next person to die was me, being gunned down by both Max and Mr. Matera in the end. I slumped down in my seat, and announced to the pleasure of the Deputy and Sheriff, that I was also an Outlaw. The game continued on without us, and the fierce battling started again. I still sat at the table though, giving random advice to the Sheriff. After a few rounds, Rebecca accused Mr. Matera of being the Renegade and Max of being the Deputy. Rebecca and Shiva then teamed up and brought the downfall of Mr. Matera. It was clear to everyone that Shiva was obviously the Deputy and Max the Outlaw, but Rebecca couldn’t decide who to attack. In the final round of the game, when Rebecca and Shiva had once again teamed up, with Max only with two life points, it became Max’s turn. He was planning to take down Rebecca in one blow and miraculously managed to, by using both a “Gatling” and “Bang” card, which happened to end the game with Max being the victor, and the Outlaws being the winning team.

BANG! is an awesome game, and is definitely one of my favorites. At first, I did think this was some lame card game, because I hadn’t played it, and I do strongly dislike lame card games, but it turned out fun and enjoyable, the perfect party game. I would like to play this again, and I really would love to be introduced to some new un-lame, card games at Game Club, that are similar to BANG!