Game Club RULES

When you are a part of Thirdfloorgamers or Historical Game Club you need to set an example. If you need to get verbally corrected because of these rules Five times in a school year then you will be removed from the club for the remainder of the year. This is not to be mean; it is just to keep the flow of games going and fun for all. Please take a moment to check these out to make sure you are following the rules.


1. Make sure the next person knows your turn is over. This is important in a board game to keep things moving along. The smoother the game moves the more fun we all have. Make sure that you do this politely.

2. Treat every player with respect. This is a must to be part of Thirdfloorgamers. You cannot play if you can’t treat all players with respect. Good sportsmanship is a foundation of the club.

3. Be respectful of the cost of these games. I bought all of these games and they are very costly so please be careful with them. Look at the floor to make sure you did not drop any pieces. No Eating – something that will make a mess on the game or table i.e. Cheese Nips…

4. Volume… We will be playing within a small area, so keep the noise down.

5. Watch the game! This one is a big one. When it is not your turn you should be watching the game and thinking about what you are going to do on your turn. This will speed the game up and again make it more fun!

6. No cell phones or other electronics out.

7. NO CHEATING! This goes without saying (but I guess I said it). Why play the game if you are going to cheat? There is no honor in winning that way. Don’t ruin the game for yourself or others this way.