This is the new game club site. A place for us all to come and get the latest info about the club and what we have been doing. I hope that many of you take advantage of this opportunity to join. The Historical Game Club is a great way to learn about historical events, and new ideas, as well as good strategies. Historical Game Club (HGC) puts you in the hot seat. You are the one now who commands the soldiers. Make the right decision, and the glory is all yours; choose poorly and your soldiers will suffer. The types of games vary as due the stratigies. Some will be large scale global war, others will be the tackticle fighting of a single unit, and there will also be econmic games as well. All of these will test your skills and abilities. Come on and take the HGC’s challenge. Can you make the difference?

The club makes for a good opportunity to get to know your fellow student on a different level. There are also leadership roles to take within the club. We need a treasure, secretary as well as President & VP.

You can create an account under the signin button. If you do you will be able to post comments on here which is just way cool.