This weeks game night on Tuesday the 17th we played one of our newest games. Heros of the World is a great game of area control. You are trying to have the most of your people in an area when it scores. The scoring happens when you have three or on some territories four scoring tiles. It is very hard to predict when these will score and you have to be in a position to do well when it is scored.

You place your people/scoring tiles down on the board by selecting and playing a famous leader of the world card. Each leader brings differant skills. Some will add many scoring tiles others will be able to place down a lot of your poplulation markers. There are other catigories like gold which some leaders give you a lot and others none. You may use your gold to build wonders of the world. These will help you score points you need to win the game. All and all it is a great game that is easy to learn the rules but very hard to master the stratigy. I would like to play the game again soon. Maybe this is what will be played later this week.

In our two games we had of this Oliver C. won one game and Julia R. won the other. I hope you all enjoyed the game and can’t wait to see you all again across the table.