Tonight was certainly a big night! There were 20 people there!! I mean, game club was maxed out! It was so much fun, and we had a Heroes of the World tournament, which was a lot of fun! There were so many new people, and it was good to see them all! Some of the new people were Matthew B., Andy P. and Jay. It seemed like they had a lot of fun and I hope they come again!

We got to pick our tables, and at mine, there was Shiva, Sasha, Minhal, Julia, and me. At the next table there was Charles, Jay, Mathew, and Chris G. At the other table, there was Brooks, Max H., Max L., and Chris A. At the last table there was Philip, Andy, Sam, and Mark. It was really a full house! Julia started out. She tried to take over Africa, and other people were not really going in a pattern. Minhal seemed like she was going for China, but then she went all over the place. Next is was Sasha, and he didn’t have a consistent place to go either. Next was Shiva, and he went strait for China, and finally me, I went for India, Africa, and the Mediterranean. We all were doing really well, but our game was going really slowly. Sasha quickly took the lead, with Minhal not far behind. Next it was me and Shiva was last. I tried really hard to get a lot of points, but once again I was struggling with keeping up. People had much more strategies than I did, but I wasn’t loosing without a fight. Julia had taken the lead, and everyone knew that she was going to win. She had 24 points when we all had about in the 10-20 range! She must had really caught on, and that was good to see. Minhal was doing really well too! She was second, and was fighting to get into first! She was conquering lands left and right, and was really working to get into first, and to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Sasha was taking a really long time to figure out his moves, and that slowed the game up. He was doing really well also, but didn’t really pay any attention to where or what he was doing. He stayed up there in points, but was struggling a little. Shiva was doing ok. He was in last, but certainly not least. He really got the game, but got a bad start. It was funny to watch him figure out a perfect move, and then someone would take the card that he wanted so, so bad. I was hanging in there, but was doing the best I could. I wasn’t doing all that well, but I was having fun and that is all that mattered right then and there! Next era was a war almost! We all were in it to win it! I was still having the time of my life loosing, but also was trying to win! I bought this wonder of the world card, but didn’t read all the way to the bottom. I had this card that said I can trad in all of my coins for victory points, but only on my turn. I was in last, but I thought that i would win if I played that card. Julia won with a stunning 46 points! Minhal had 39, Sasha had some where in the high 20s or low 30s. Shiva scored in the high 20s, and I got 21 points, all because I didn’t read to the bottom of the card.

The last 15 minutes we played Werewolf! I was a werewolf with Mark and Chris G. We ate Chris A. first, but Minhal heard me pointing to Chris! I survived another round, but then was voted out! Mark got voted out, and the humans won. This was such a fun game club, and I bet the next one will be even better!

Top 5 Players:

1. Phillip – 53       $200
2. J – 49                $100
3. Julia – 48           $50
4. Sasha – 46          $25
5. Minhal & Chris G. & Andy P. – 45

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