What if…..

The fate of the world…

Rested solely in the hands of one individual….



What if…..

It was a life or death competition…..

between several individuals……



Many die….

But only one comes out alive….

The individual who survives the struggle….

This individual is……





Or at least when your playing heros of the World!!!!  This is the game that I played with my fellows at game club today.  Heros of the world is an awesome game like risk (for those who have played it).  I was playing with my friends, Phillip, Ethan, Elias, and Michael.  I will skip the rules to the game, because most of the club members have played it, due to the massive tournament that was had on it.

Our game was a very exciting one!  As the game started out, it was clear what each persons goal was.  Ethan set his sights on China, Phillip on the Medeterranian, Myself aiming for the Middle east, and Elias and michael spreading themselves out through the territories.  Our endeavors were all mostly successful, and we each controlled our selected plain.  The game moved slowly, and the victory points inched along the outer ring of the board.  But we were still having a blast, as the struggle for dominance continued.  After a while of playing, we moved into the modern epoch (Snack break)!  After the snack break, Ethan unfortunately had to leave the club, so we wiped him out from the board and continued on  (rumor has it that his troops rebelled from a vain king, and were scattered across the lands.  After this the roaming people either starved to death or were hit by the black plague that was going around.  Poor Ethan).  The modern epoch was where things started to get interesting.  I went for Europe, but kept an iron fist held on the middle east.  Phillip tried to spread out on the unclaimed territories, but he didn’t do very well.  Africa, india, and the middle east were a gigantic mosh pit for every player to reside in.  Most of the other areas were left untouched until the end of the game.  Michael, Elias and I were determined to gang up on Phillip and take him out (poor Phillip) and he used his troops in attempt to defend himself.  He was almost wiped out by our attacks, but claimed a few territories along the way.  Meanwhile, I stacked my forces in Europe and Middle East, which I was losing my grip on.  Elias was getting points left and right, and could always claim some points in every place because of his calvary surplus.  Michael, took what he could get, and did very well.  He usually ended up second to Elias when territories were claimed.  I was in last for quite a bit, but finally, Middle East and Europe were scored, and I shot ahead in points.  Soon after this, the game came to a close.  Elias came in first, myself in second, Michael in third, and Phillip in last.  I packed up and left just then, because I had to leave a good ten minuits early.  It was a great game though, and a great night, and we all had a blast!