The summer of 2010 has tested me. Years ago I started to build a collection of games to motivate, inspire, and educate kids. I had a vision that if done just right it could turn into something big. Over the years I collected games from around the globe, put money, time and great effort in to this vision. There was plenty to do to make this vision a reality, from researching how to build a website, movie making, purchasing software, hardware and of course hundreds of unique titles with multiple copies of many of them. It took 6 years, but we finally did it. Last year the Club was at its peak and it didn’t seem to be stopping there. We had a large game collection that could support the growing number of students, and we started to make international partners, communicate with game designers as well as hold competitions with kids around the globe.

Unfortunately, the storms of July 22nd that caused so much damage to so many people included my family. Normally, I would keep some of my collection at school but due to the reconstruction at school this was not an option. Just like many families, we never had this happen to us so we thought it was a safe place to put these games. Losing this collection was a big blow to me and that vision. It is not easy starting from square one. At moments, I felt like throwing in the towel on the whole thing and finding a new hobby and sharing that with the children. But then a parent contacted me and offered to help. She kept the vision alive. She explained how much the opportunities that I offered meant to her and her children. This reminded me about my vision and why I started this years ago.

I am sure it will take a long time to “rebuild” after the flood, but I know it is worth it. Most teachers say that if they reach just a few students they are happy with what they have done. I have been told more than once by people how much what I offered meant. With lots of help I plan to start all over.  And with your help, together we can do it. I have setup a fundraising page on this site. Please follow the effort and come back and see our progress. Every bit helps, as Confucius said, the journey of 1000 miles, in this case $20,000, begins with a single step, or a single donation.

See you in the school year, I look forward to doing it all over again, only this time, better.

Michael Matera