Today at game club we were able to play Castle Panic. At our table there were four people, Victoria, Josh, Max and myself. We had a lot of fun and the game was really intense. For castle panic there are goblins, orcs and trolls all attacking your castle. There are rings around your castle where certain men can attack the monsters. You can use a knight, archer, or a swordsmen. There are also barbarians and heroes. There are things like mortar and brick to build new walls when they get knocked down. All the while every turn the monsters get closer and closer until they attack your castle. If you cant kill them then they knock down the outer walls. Then after the walls there is your actual castle. If all of your castle is knocked down then you lose the game. Everyone is working together to defeat the monsters but there are other versions where one person is a bad guy or there another version where everyone is fending for themselves.

The second time around our team started with no walls. We were one turn away from being defeated but we got super lucky. I personally believe that our table was a Dynamic Quartet.Overall I would give the game 9/10.

After we finished our games and got to see some of the new games that came in from the shipment Mr. Matera, Nathan, Rebecca, Saji and myself all sat down and played Loopin’ Louie. It was quite fun and we rotated who we played with.

Coming up next week I’m hoping to play Yomi with Mr. Matera. Cross your fingers!