Some people think that it might be a secret society, or something else that is secret. Well, they would be wrong. G.C.A.S.A. is the Game Club of Adastra and Stone Age. Today in game club we played both of these games. In Adastra there was Mr. Matera, Andrew, Max L. Phillip, and I. In Stone Age there was Oliver, Sam D., Elias, and Josh. In our game it was clear that Mr. Matera was the best player. He quickly built a couple of star ships and got ahead on points. Since Adastra is a very quick game, it only took Mr. Matera a few turns to get the best of us. Mr. Matera, annihilated the competition, winning by fifteen points, with me second, Andrew third, and Max L and Phillip close behind. In the other game, it was clear that Josh was winning in the beginning. Eventually Josh got out far ahead. I do not know who won that game, although it was Sam or Josh. While Stone Age was finishing up, we played for sale. It is a quick game with to phases, buying houses and selling them for a profit. Eventually Max and Andrew tied for first, with Philip third, me fourth, and Mr. Matera last (that must have been a first.) It was a fun night, and hopefully the predecessor of more to follow.

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