Today is a good day for the We had our first recruits sign up for a tour of duty in one of our two theaters of operations. Private Will V. and Corporal John V. were the first two recruits for this summer’s operations. They both signed up for our first camp, Victory Points. Mr. Wilson & I have already awarded them their medals Victory Points Camp attendee 2010 for signing up for such an important tour. We hope to have both theaters of operations filled soon. Let’s see who rises to the challenge.


Victory Points: June 14th – 18th   Victory Points 2010 Medal: Victory Points Camp attendee 2010

Stay Sharp: August 2nd – 6th  Stay Sharp 2010 Medal:

On another note, several soldiers got promotions today. Check them out, they are:

Aaron P.
Max L.
Minhal G.

Congrats guys and girls. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Matera
Master and Commander