Formula D is one of the latest games to be added to our collection. I am pleased to announce that we are going to start a Formula D league.

Each game we play will add to your driving career total. After the 10th race the winner will be announced. You don’t have to participate in all the races though that will hurt your total chances of winning. There will be some Gold prizes in each of the races as well as a overall prize. You can spend some of your Gold to upgrade your cars. There will be different entry fees per race. These will be low costs that almost anyone can afford.

You can sponsor one car that is not yours if you wish. You will be the primary owner and you will make 75% of the money that the car makes. You will have to pay the entry fees as well as the repairs.

This is a fun dynamic racing game. Here is a bit from the box that I think best discribes what you will experience.

Ready to Take off - Start of the Grandprix Monaco

Ready to Take off - Start of the Grandprix Monaco

“Get ready to push your engine to its limit, to hug the curves in the tight corners, but also to keep up with your opponents to take advantage of the air flow and pass them to win… Taking risks and planning ahead are two qualities you’ll need as a pilot if you want to stand on the highest step of the podium”!

So what are you waiting for sign up for the next Formula D circuit night. There is only so many cars that can enter. Get ready for a good time and some prizes.