The last game club.  The date steadily approached, getting rid of our excitement for the end of the year.  Because the end of the year means THE END OF GAME CLUB.  Well…until next year at least.  But its a long way!  But the gamers and their leader, Mr. Matera, were determined to go out with a bang!  The last game club was as exciting as any!  We had tons of fun!  There were 2 steady games of pitchcar running, and the remaining players were engrossed in a fearsome game of Pandemic (Very fun game!).  In Pandemic, players work together to trump the game board with pure strategy.  Outbreaks of mass sickness and disease are ravaging the world, and we need YOU (the players) to stop it.  It is an awesome game, for anyone who would like to play it or buy it.  We all had tons of fun with Pandemic and Pitchcar, but we weren’t done yet!  What could be the final touch, the last game, the icing on the cake?  None other than WEREWOLF!!!!!  Yes that’s right, we had an astonishing game of lynch-and-eat, but this time with more new roles.  Some examples of the new roles we payed with are; the cursed.  The cursed is like a normal villager but turns into a werewolf upon being eaten.  Uh-oh!  Also, another new role was the vampires!!  Vampires are on their own team, and they are much like werewolves, except they cannot be killed by werewolves.  We also played with the amulet of protection, an amulet that gets passed around each night, that will protect you if you get attacked that night you hold it.  It was an extremely fun game, and the villagers won it out in the end.  Sadly, that was the end of game club.  Sullenly, one by one, the members walked out the door, never to see a game in the room of Mr. Matera again, until after a long summer when the school year starts again.  But we had fun!  And I know everyone is excited for another awesome time at the club next year!  See you all then!