A card game with many mysterious and magical monsters from a Imp to a Fairy. This game starts with each player has 5 cards in your hand you can have Fairies, Imps, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gnomes, and Dryads. Each card does something different most cards say what it does like a fairy if you read it at the bottom there is a sentence that says this card can… If you read each card you will know what to do. The game is played by each player has 5 cards and the deck is in the middle. When starting you just play a card down and lay it right in front of you and don’t  move it then do what it says. After your turn you must have at least 5 cards unless the deck runs out. When someone plays a card you don’t want it to happen if you have a fairy you can play it but if you have a fairy played out in front of you, you can’t elf it (Elves just duplicate the card). When scoring the player with the most cards in front of them wins.