In this wonderful game club, we once again had 3 different games going on.  We had a table with Heros of the World, Shadows over Camelot, and Tikal.  I was at the table playing Tikal, along with Mr. Matera and Aaron.  Tikal was new to me, but Mr. Matera taught Aaron and I how to play.  In Tikal, players explore a dense jungle in central/south America.  You place units to build temples, dig up treasures, and explore new territories.  These acts earned you victory points, and once the entire jungle was explored, the player with the most victory points wins!  The play turns rotate clockwise, and each time it is your turn, you have some choices of what to do.  You have 10 action points and can use them to move units, dig treasure, build temples, and other things.  After you spent all of your points, it was the next persons turn.  Our game was a very exciting one.  All of us started out placing units and taking over the little space of the jungle that we explored.  Near the beginning, the three of us were almost tied in points!  But as the game went on, The gap between Mr. Matera and the rest of us widened, because Mr. Matera was a veteran at the game, and an excellent strategist.  He took over many temples and secured is rule over them.  But the most treasures dug up award went to Aaron.  He was a treasure maniac!  I was more focused on placing units everywhere, but unfourtunatly, I soon ran out.  We were still close in score, but at the end, Mr. Matera shot forward in points, and Aaron and I were flattened, rolled up, and tossed aside by his awesome conquest.  He had obviously won, with 139 points.  It was down to me and Aaron.  After some debate, and a few fistfights chats, it turned out that I had beat Aaron by 1 point!  It was a great game though, and another spectacular time at the best club in school!

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