Tonight was a great night! We played one of my favorite games and it is not an easy one to learn. The students that came did a great job learning the rules and developing their strategies. The game of Power Grid is a wonderful simulation of running your own power plant company. You need to watch the rising commodity market to not over pay for goods, while also trying to have your capital investments last as long as they can. We had three full tables of Power Grid running full speed. This was a group of all 7th graders who did a great job running their companies.

This is a fantastic fun filled game. As an economic game, this game really does shine. Players take turns bidding on power plants which they will use to power “houses” placed in cities on a grid. Players must then balance buying resources, buying houses, and buying/powering new plants. The trick here is to create a situation in which you can cheaply and effectively power a wide number of cities. This is accomplished by adapting to the variations in resource replenishment, replacing obsolete plants, and strategically placing ones self to minimize costs of expanding to new cities.

This was many of their first times coming to Historical Game Club. I hope to see these great gamers again in the near future. Here is a collection of photos taken from the night. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. Sixth graders if you want a head start on this great game for next year come and see if we can setup another Econ night for you guys too.

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