I game club today we played a wild wild west game called dice town. Everybody starts with 8 dollars and 5 dice. The dice have a 9,10, jack, queen, king, and ace on one side. A the beginning of each round everybody rolls all five dice. You get to keep one for free and it costs one for each extra. There are 6 “stations”. Goldmine is for 9’s. Wagon with cash is 10’s. General store is where you get cards and is for Jack’s. With queens its the saloon and you get to steal a card. Kings is for the sheriff. Ace is property cards. Each property says it worth in the top corner. Finally if you don’t win anything there is a place called doc unlucky. If you don’t get any thing you go there. With a 9 or 10 you can barb wire one of your properties so nobody can steal it. Jack or Queen gets you a card from the general store. King gets you two dollars from each person. And finally an ace gets you a gold nugget from each person. The way you get suff is buy the number of each on your dice so if I got two nines and you got one I would get the prize. Finally victory. For every gold nuget you have you get 1 vp. For every 2 dollars you get 1 vp. And the number of property points you have all equal your finall score