12/17/10 4 people enter a house zero come out. Those four souls were Hudson Josh Arash and Saji. In the begging we were exploring the house and we got items and events plus lots of omen cards when the haunt began I was again the monster but this time I was a DEMON LORD!!!!!!!! The first to go was Hudson because me and my four minions attacked him with all our force which is a might of 21 so the best he could get was a 10 might so he died then went Arash she came back upstairs from the basement right into my guys period another kill but then left josh he was in the basement I  said run or fight and he choose to run so i chased him but he got himself into a dead end but he had armor ring spear and the bloody dagger but since the bloody dagger could only be held if you have no other weapons. So that got rid of that then he got to look through the items to see what to take as a extra weapon but he chose the pistol but my demons were all immune to speed attacks so it meant no extra weapon so it killed him with 17 might because that’s what I rolled. Plus again this was all before snack time.