If you have ever played Shadows over Camelot, you  must have liked it. This game was manufactured by Days of Wonder. Other games manufactured by them are Fist of Dragonstones, Ticket to Ride, and Small World. Now we will learn how to play Ticket to Ride. Recently in Game Club we played the awesome game of Ticket to Ride. There are two main versions, America and Europe. The two are basically the same thing, with one minor change. The board has two functions, it is the game board, and it keeps score. There are two types of cards in Ticket to Ride. The main cards are trains of varying colors. The locomotive card is many different colors and works as a wild card. You start out the game with four of these cards. These cards are used to lay down trains, which I will explain later. You get point values for laying down trains. There are also the route cards. You take three at the beginning of the game and you can choose whether to take two or three. Routes are longer than trains, so you have to lay down several trains to complete them. Subsequently, some routes are worth more than trains. When you complete a route, you get the points from the route and the points from the trains. The routes have point values of varying amounts. The next part if the games is the houses. You lay these down at a junction and one of those routes becomes yours. You have to pay a price for these, however. You have three, and each time the price goes up. One card for the first one, two cards, and then four cards. This is unique to Europe. You have forty-five train cars Ticket to Ride. Once one person’s total is three or less, everybody gets one final turn. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins.