I was feeling a little bored today, ( Saturday) so I decided to look up Philip duBarry, because  I was still so hyped up from Friday’s Tournament. After a few minutes of Google searches and about 4 websites. I finally chanced upon…Philip duBarry’s own website on Blogspot. This was pretty cool, I started to look around for any news about Revolution 2 or his new games. After all, Revolution is a great game, so his other ones will most likely be wins too. A few seconds later, I saw a entry titled….. Thirdfloorgamers.

Truthfully, I was a little surprised he would take the time to write something about us. It was very polite of him. He wrote plenty of things in a short paragraph, including Andrew Buchanan’s whopping 354 score, and how Mr. Matera managed to contact him. His website is www.revolutionboardgame.blogspot.com if you wanted to know. Our technical difficulties were also written about. :0 Most importantly, he said we may have some play testing in our future! I’m sure everyone will be happy about this!

Creator: Philip duBarry   of: Revolution                                                                                                                                  Possible new games: Revolution 2, zoo building game          Publisher: SJG                                                                                                                                Age: 32                                                                                                                                              Occupation: game creator, pastor                                                                                            Developing game creator

Revolution is a game created by Mr. duBarry and published by SJG. It started shipping 8/13/09, so it’s fairly recent. Only lasts about 45 minutes depending on skill levels. Very fun game, I enjoyed it a lot the first time I played it, which was Friday. Easy to play, difficult to master. Some strategies we came across: Mix it up, do something different every turn, spread your pieces unless you desperately need something, try to earn force, and go for the Merchant and Printer early on in the game so your support will be ahead everyone else’s. Be sure to pick this game up for your household, as I surely will.

I’m waiting for the next game! In the meanwhile, I’ll be playing this game! I have nothing but praise for this game! Its a fantastic game, and sadly I’m now addicted to this extremely awesome game! Philip has to keep up the good work!   I now consider myself a Revolutionist. Do you?