Expansions are a tricky business. How do you add to a game without removing what it was that made people love the game in the first place? Coup is a fast game where tactical play, bluffing and positioning yourself for the end game are key. What then, does Coup Reformation add to the mix? Put simply, Reformation adds a whole new layer of tactical play and positioning.

In Reformation, all players are part of two teams – either Loyalists or Rebels. Identity cards are handed out to the players so that they alternate. Then a Treasury card is placed in the center of the table. No aggressive powers can be used against people on your own team until the other team is utterly absent. Specifically, you may not coup, assassinate, steal, or block foreign aid of any person on your team. But, you can do it all day long to people on the opposite team. But Reformation still really isn’t a team game. Instead, it provides three new actions designed to meddle with the initial team assignments. In addition to the bluffs you can make in the base game, you can now pay one coin to the treasury to switch teams. Or two coins to switch any other player’s team. Or, by claiming you have no Duke, take all of the coins currently on the treasury. Other than these additions, the game plays exactly the same as the base with the last player to lose his two influence cards winning the game.

Reformation is a fantastic expansion because it provides more options, a little more strategy, and almost no bloat. Part of what makes Coup great is that it’s a short game. In fact, if it was longer than the fifteen or twenty minutes it currently takes, it would be far too obnoxious. Especially for eliminated players who had to sit out. Reformation, though, adds to the game without substantially adding to play time or conceptual complexity.

In other words, Reformation doesn’t detract from the experience of the base game. It only enhances it. Which not all expansions accomplish. Too often, a simple game gets a few too many expansions and starts lengthening or bogging down to the point where it loses its allure.

Comes with 2 more Duke, Assassin, Ambassador, Contessa, Captain, 5 inquisitor, 10 Loyalty Cards, and 1 Treasury Reserve cards.

  • Inquisitor Exchange card with court deck, Examine/Force another player to exchange, Blocks stealing