This action packed game started off good and got much better.  As soon as we started playing, you could see that this game was a ton of fun, and the conquest for new lands was fierce from the start. This game is for up to 5 players. The object of the game was to have the most victory points at the end of the game. (When every game board piece is covered.)  You started off by placing the game board pieces, small hexagons numbered 1-12, into a pentagon formation. Each player received a bag of game counters that were a specific color, corresponding to each player. Each player was then given 8  ” conquest” cards; these cards had either magic spells, troops, or support on them. Then each player was to select 2 skill cards, the soldier, the mage, or the worker. In the game you will use these to play the “conquest” cards. You need certain skill cards to summon “conquest” cards. Each “conquest” card had a certain attack and support. To conquer a game piece, the objective of the game, you had to be able to play a card that had a higher attack then they number on the game board piece. To do this you had to have the right skill cards. For example, to summon the Spearmen you needed 1 warrior skill card.  When you were conquering a game board piece, if you didn’t have enough attack points, you could use support points from other “conquest” cards around you. Add your attack+ the support of surrounding cards. You started off with 25 victory points and had to spend these to get skill cards, which let you use “conquest” cards. You also received a “conquest” card at the end of each turn. So be sure not to forget to add them to your arsenal.

After you grasped the basic concept of the game, it was a quick start. Conquest of the Fallen Lands was a fun, and entertaining game. It had a strategy feel, but it was very appealing to the players, and you could clearly see from everyones laughing faces that this was a great game. So what are you waiting for, are you ready to start the conquest?