Today in the sixth game club, we played a wonderful game called Cleopatra and the Society of Architects.  At first it seemed a little confusing, but it turned out to be great!  I played a game with my friends, Charlie, Mark, Kat, and Noel.  It was a great game of twists, turns, and most of all fun!  Cleopatra takes place in ancient Egypt, just like the history unit that just ended.  In Cleopatra, players compete to gain the most victory points, or talents, which was also the currency (much like in conquest of the fallen lands, for those of you who played that game).  This was done by building structures.  Building structures such as sphinxes, obelisks, and columns, earned you talents.  However, the labor was not free.  You needed to visit the market and collect resources to build.  Once the game ended, (when all of the building pieces run out) the winner was the one with the most talents.  Simple, right?  Wrong!  The game had an interesting twist to it as well.  There are special pieces, called corruption pieces.  Playing certain cards, or doing certain things in the game earn you these deadly chips.  At the end of the game, if you are the person with the most……YOU LOSE!!!!!!!  Risk was the blood of this game.  Our game went somewhat like this.  At the beginning, nobody had any resources to build with, so the market was the place to be.  You were lucky if you could get 2 cards, with all of the buying in the market going on (items in the market were actually free, but you had to take turns collecting them).  After this phase ended, the building started.  Sphinxes, columns, doors, you name it, were being created, and the talents piled up.  The rest of the game was all excitement.  Charlie and Mark, I have to say, were very reckless with corruption points, and they obtained many.  Kat, somehow, had no money for a lot of the game, she was all resources, building, and spending.  Noel, unfortunately, had to leave in the middle, and the game progressed without her.  I was near the opposite of Mark and Charlie.  I was very careful with my talents and corruption points, and my talents piled up, and none of those nasty red chips ever set foot in my territory.  As the game came to a close, the outcome became more and more obvious.  Finally, the last column was placed, and we calculated the standings.  Mark and Charlie were both tied for most corruption points, and both lost because of it!  It was down to me and Kat, and she was still broke.  I ended up winning this way.  It was an amazing game though, and I wish I could play it a million times more!!