This recent game day, we played a game called Cleopatra and the Society of Architects. This is a game where you get resources, build things, get talent points and corruption tokens. If at the end you have the most corruption tokens, you automatically lose, no matter how many talent points you have. If you do not lose from corruption tokens, whoever has the most talent points wins. You also have things called sanctuaries. however many spaces you have in a sanctuary, thats how many corruption points you can deduct. You also have to make sacrifices to the gods, which means that everyone bets and amount of talent points. Whoever bets the most gets 3 corruption points deducted. Whoever bets the second most takes one corruption point and the third most talent points takes two corruption points. All of the points you bet are given to the gods so you don’t get them back. The first time we had to do this, Phillip bet about 25 points or so and Lindsay, Rebecca and I had no where near that. So we decided that we should all bet 1 point. That way we would only lose 1 point and get we would al get 1 corruption token. This was a wise decision, since we lost one point and Phillip lost 25. we got to the end of the game and at the last second, we had to give another sacrifice to the gods. All of us agreed that we should all bet 2 points. but at the last second, I snuck in one more piece and won the sacrifice! I got three corruption tokens deducted and along with my sanctuary deductions, I ended up with 0 corruption points. Lindsay had the most corruption points, so she lost and in the end Rebecca won with the most points. I came in close second and Phillip was way last. This has been, by far, one of the best board games I have evr played in my entire life!