Today we had the first game club where we got to pick our own game to play. How this worked was that you picked a group to play a game with and then you choose what game you want to play.  Our group chose Pitch car and the other two games were Formula D and Castle Panic. In my game we did a first course that wasn’t that long but had lots of jumps. Then we built the worlds hardest course with two tables pushed together! Some of the obstacles included, a bridge to go over and under, three very long jumps, and many many turns. The unofficial winner of that course was Matthew B. I say unofficial because we ran out of time before we could finish and Matthew was in first. The other difficulty was that you knew that the other people could overtake you if you made one bad move.

The other games seemed to go well. Formula D as always looked exciting at the game break and Castle Panic looked very intense. (even though I don’t know how to play!) All in all I think that this idea of picking your own game to play is cool and I hope we do it again!