Today November 9 2010 was a great day to go to game club because we played Longshot. Longshot is basically a game were you bet on horse’s to gain money. In my game there was Nathalie, Genevieve, Leo, Arash and Catie at first I thought it would be hard at first but then after Mr. Matera explained the rules it got much easier to play. So in the beginning you roll two dice one tells you what horse the other tells you how many spaces. During the game after a couple turns Leo and I decided to be a team help each other go forward and to drive are enemies back. With Leo and I doing that strategy we shot up neck and neck going forward but a big part of are victories was betting on each others horses. But at the end of the track there was a twist you couldn’t bet on the horses once they got into this area. That rule put a huge spin on things because now they had to find out who was going to win with only using 3/4 of the track, but that wasn’t even the hard part because people could change places all of the time with special cards that you could get . Leo ended up getting second and I got first but that was only the first game then we played a second and the same thing happened I got first and Leo got second. Plus Julia and I tied for a record ending with 280 gold. Can you beat it?