This night was also a very special night with one new person. There was Max L, John, Philip, Sasha,Jullian, Brandon, me, and a new person who was Isa! There were two tables, and I again was playing Heroes of the world with Isa, Brandon, Philip and Jullian. I was determined to get at least third place this time, and had played it enough to have some good stratigies. My only threat was Philip, and I decided early in the game that I was going to beat him! In the beginning, people were just figuring out how to do all of the moves and thinking this game requires! I was going for the Mediterranean and Africa. I was against Philip in the Mediterranean and Isa in Africa. Philip and I were head to head, and we both were not backing down. Sadly though, Philip won the Mediterranean with a lot of points, but I had some points from another win that I cannot remember why I had those points. Africa was starting to get worth a bunch of points, and Isa finished it. There was one problem though, we were tied for first in Africa, but thankfully I had more books, and took all of the points. That put me in first, and that was a first for me!
After snack brake, we started the modern ara, and I was so determined to do well! Brandon quickly took over Russia, and I was still going for the Mediterranean because I knew Philip wasn’t going to do much with it now. I had bought some wonders of the world, and I soon learned that those would help me. Russia was becoming worth a lot of points, and Brandon was going to destroy who ever entered it. Philip quickly took the challenge, and it was very funny to watch them bicker about who was going to win it. Some where in the midst of all of this, Isa, Brandon, and I made peace with each other, and were going to work together to destroy Philip. One of my wonders of the world was switch two books, and I made the Mediterranean worth a lot, and then finished it off. I was delighted that I was in first, but the game was coming to an end, and the only one we could finish off was Russia, and Philip was not far behind from me. Isa won the Americas, and so we were both in first. When Russia was finished, Philip was in first, Isa and I were in Second, and Brandon was in last. Jullian had to leave really early in the game, so that was good for me. That was the best I had ever done on Heroes of the World, and I walked away that night satisfied that I had gotten second in the game!

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