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Bohnaza Video Review.

Bonanza is a good medium weight card game. It plays in 45 minutes to an hour. You can have two to seven players.  This is Minhal’s first solo video review. I think she did a great job. Thanks for all your hard work. Have fun watching and even more fun...

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Yesterday in game, some of us played a filler game called Monza. It is a very quick game where everybody has a tiny colored car. The cars go on the start line and we take turn rolling some dice. The dice have different colors on them which match the colors on the board. When you roll, you have to try to get as far as you can on the board. For example, if the blocks in front of my car on the board are green, yellow, white and purple, and I rolled those colors, I would play the dice...

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Last Game Club of 2009!

Yesterday, we had our very last game club of the year. What made it even more special is that Steven came. He spent his last hours at USM with us. We had three games up and running, Stone Age, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, and Kingsburg. Andrew, Brandon, Sasha, Josh and I played at Cleopatra. Everybody caught on well from not knowing how to play this game at all and we had fun. What made this a very unique game was that only two sanctuaries were made. In the end, Andrew automatically lost because he had too many corruption tokens and brandon won. I’m not sure who won in the other games, but I’m sure that they were fun. If Steven is reading this, know that we all miss you. [nggallery...

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Website Reminder #2

Hi game club members and non-members! This is just to remind you about making accounts and logging in. It’s also to remind you to check your rank every now and then. You might have got moved up. You get moved up by every 4-5 game clubs you come to and how much you contribute to the website. So far our top person is Andrew B. who is a Master Sergeant. Our top sixth graders are Max L., Rebecca and Minhal. You should also check the shop because I believe Mr. Matera has added and taken away some things. He has taken away the soldier recruit and added the tree pack deal and the rent a game. I myself have tried the rent a game. I rented...

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Jam Packed Game Night of Werewolves!

Today in game club we played Heroes of the World, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, two rounds of Revolution , and two rounds of Werewolf! I played at Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, so I’m not sure who won at the other games, but we were all part of Werewolf! The first round we played, I was the Mason, along with Julian. The Spellcaster, who was Lexie, picked on me twice in a row in the beginning to not talk, then she got killed. We played around and in the end, Shiva, Julian, Zach and me were left. Shiva gad just gotten killed and he was the Hunter, so he had to kill someone. His decision would be very important, since we all knew that there was one Werewolf and two Humans, and if he chose one of the Humans, the Werewolves would win. Julian and I obviously knew it was Zach, since we were both Masons, but Shiva didn’t know that. Luckily, he chose Zach and the Humans won. In the second game, I was eaten by the Werewolves and I was a Mason again with Rebecca and Max H. Rebacca was voted off and Max stayed for the whole game. There were only two Werewolves in this game and they won. They were Shiva and Wylie. Good job guys! [nggallery...

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