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Pitchcar is the game of flicking “race cars” around a track twice trying to come out victorious. The race starts with a jump. The jump is very hard because to make because you need to land on the other side. You could get not enough force and land in the middle of the jump or too much and fly off the table. After you make it over the first jump there is the first turn and a second jump. This one is easier  right? Wrong! It is just as hard. If you can make it over that you have...

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Website Reminder Hey everybody! I hope you are enjoying the website If you do not have an account please feel free to make one by clicking the grey tab above that says “sign up”. You can make posts, comments, and video reviews with Mr. Matera. You can also read posts and comments already made and watch video reviews. The newest video review is one staring Shiva, Minhal, Zach, and Julia about San Juan. You can earn golddabblons by posting comments, reviews, and video reviews. At the “Shop” tab above you can spend your golddabblons. Some things you can buy but are not limited to are renting games and a chance to play big or small recess games. The prices vary for those options. Make sure to check often because exclusive information that you can not get in school may be here! Make sure to  come often and as always happy gaming! Julia...

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