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Yomi- Are you ready to read your partner?

Yomi, is my all time favorite game. It is one of the games that Mr. Matera got in his latest shipment and we were the first people to play it. It is a two person game and you have ten characters to choose from. Each character has it’s own special ability. Personally I like the Benjamin Franklin type dude. The deck of cards is like a normal deck that you’d play Solitaire with. In a way this game is like rock paper scissors because in the game you can attack, throw or dodge/block. Attack would beat throw, throw would...

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Get Ready For A Panic Attack

Today at game club we were able to play Castle Panic. At our table there were four people, Victoria, Josh, Max and myself. We had a lot of fun and the game was really intense. For castle panic there are goblins, orcs and trolls all attacking your castle. There are rings around your castle where certain men can attack the monsters. You can use a knight, archer, or a swordsmen. There are also barbarians and heroes. There are things like mortar and brick to build new walls when they get knocked down. All the while every turn the monsters...

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Are you ready for this?

Tonight we had a game club competition. I played with Teresa, Ellie, Danny. Both of the Long Shot games were full so my group set off to play Fantasy. This was only my second game club so I didn’t know what to expect from Fantasy. But, it turned out to be really fun! Hobgoblins switch the cards you have in front of you with someone else. I was winning and then someone used a hobgoblin and I came in second. 🙁 After that our group got to play Poison. There are three cauldrons and the dealer deals out the...

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