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Big Order… Huge responsablity…

 Hey guys, I am happy to announce our latest game order. This one is filled with some awesome new games that I can’t wait to teach all of you. I have found some real winners. Some of these games will be played soon at game club, others will see the table during the  summer camps, but all will bring some good laughs. Take a look below and see what is in store for you. With this big order comes some big responsibilities. I would like to find out who would like to lend a helping hand to Game Club....

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Calling all soldiers… Summer Camp is here!

Summer game camps are coming and we are calling all recruits. There are five, week long camps to choose from. Each with different games played and are focused on improving your game and having a good time. From scaling the cliffs at Normandy to storming the sky’s over Britain you will be pushed to do your vary best against some of the vary best. Take a look in our summer camp info section found above in the tool bar for more info. The camps are a great time and I would hope to see you all there. Register soon...

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Special Forces

Many of you know that I have been working on Special Forces for a long while. Well today is the day I post the new and improved version of Special Forces. Special Forces, which is a subset of Game Club, is for students who demonstrate both interest and ability in learning deeper strategy games. This opportunity might not be for everyone. Mr. Matera will be looking to see who in Game Club might make good candidates for the Special Forces.  If you are selected and you accept this honor you will be allowed to signup in the gray area...

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Sweet Deal!

Found a company going out of business and was able to grab these games at a bargain price. Tell me which one you would like to see played soon! Caveman CAVEMAN – can your tribe survive is a survival game where your objective is to become the dominant tribe on Volcano Island. It’s a harsh world, where marauding dinosaurs cause chaos, other tribes attack you, and you struggle to keep your cave kids survive into adulthood. Players start from the corner spaces of a hexagonal island, and slowly spread out over the island, looking for resources to help them...

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New School Year, New Order!

Hello 2011-2012 school year game club members. I would just like to tell you our year is off to a good start. I just plunked down over $1000 dollars on games that are coming to a USM near you. I thought I would take some web space here to post what I ordered and I would love to hear what you think of these new ones… As always, I would enjoy some members to step up and unbox, video review, and learn these games, obviously not in that order. So with out further ado here are the new games:...

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