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Hi again. well this is the new risk. there have been previous versions of risk but this is the newest version. there are 4(but the box says 3) ways to play. 1 basic training. when you get this game this should be the first kind of game you play. the next is command room. this is like basic training but more complicated. the 3rd way is world conquest. this game is with your troops to take over all territories or if all other players are eliminated. I’ve won a world conquest before. it’s hard and long. we spent 2 days before someone won. anyway the last way to play is make your own way to play. this is not listed on the game. my way to play is no objectives. which i’ll get to later. and you keep going until one player has control of all capitals. Again I’ll explain later. Well now for pieces. there are capitals and troops. there are 2 kinds of troops. a troop that is worth 1 troop and a troop that is worth 3 troops. Before each game a player chooses where there color capital where go. I personally choose Brazil in basic training because 1 it’s a city in that version of game play and 2 it’s connected to the whole continent and another continent. Now objectives are some things you want to do...

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Go into the dungeon. kill evertthing you meet.Backstab your friends and steel their stuff. Grab the treasure and run Admit it. you already wanna play it. Well that’s basicly munchkin. It also takes other thinking though. with over 150 cards and a die you go into the dungeon. kill a monster if you meet one. take it’s treasure and run like…,well you get the point. In munchkin you are a little dude who wants to concer a dongeon. You take a card from the door pile and if it’s a monster you try and kill it. now there are 2 alternet endings. 1 you kill the monster, take the treasure and get the heck outa there. 2 you can’t defeat the monster so you have to run away. now there are 2 endings to this. 1 you get a 5 or higher and run away safly but don’t get treasure.2 you get a 4 or lower and are caught by the monster and die.;( the point of the game is to reach level 10 and to do that you MUST KILL A MONSTER! unless you get a card that tells you otherwise. There are also classes and races. A class is like wizzard or thift(this is where backstabing comes in) and a race like elf, halfling. you can also get bonus things such as the chainsaw of bloody disemmembenment...

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