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This game is a conspiracy of a group controlling everything. There are 8 groups you can be The Gnomes of Zurich (Personally I think this is the best), The UFOs, The Servants of Cthulhu, The Network, The Discordian Society, The Society of Assassins, The Bermuda Triangle, and lastly The Bavarian Illuminati. Each of these groups has a special goal and a basic goal, they also have a Special thing each Illuminati below the name is something extra they can do. To win you must complete the special goal and the basic goal, the goals are listed on your cheat...

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Ultimate Werewolf

Do you want to hunt or be hunted? This game is 5-68 players. There is 1 old man (Dies on the day = to the amount of werewolves), 1 Hoodlum ( He chooses2 people if they both die he wins), 1 Moderator (Moderator of the game) , 19 Villagers (Their job is find the werewolves and kick them out of the town), 2 Seers ( Each night chooses one person each night and the moderator tells if the are a werewolf or not/ 1 has to be in at least) , 1 Apprentice Seer(Takes the seers job if he dies), 1 Aura Seer (Chooses a player each night and is told if they are not a werewolf or villager), 8 Werewolves (They all wake up each night and choose one player to kill), 6 Vampires (Each night the choose one person during the day that person dies), 1 Witch (kill or heal a player at night once per game), 1 ghost (you are dead and cant talk you stay awake during the night the following day you give a 1 letter clue it cant be names or initials), 1 Amulet Of Protection (The holder of the amulet can’t die), 1 Mayor (His vote counts twice), 1 Insomniac (each night, learn i t least one of your neighbors has woken up during the night), 1 Tough Guy (If you get attacked you...

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A card game with many mysterious and magical monsters from a Imp to a Fairy. This game starts with each player has 5 cards in your hand you can have Fairies, Imps, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gnomes, and Dryads. Each card does something different most cards say what it does like a fairy if you read it at the bottom there is a sentence that says this card can… If you read each card you will know what to do. The game is played by each player has 5 cards and the deck is in the middle. When starting you just play a card down and lay it right in front of you and don’t  move it then do what it says. After your turn you must have at least 5 cards unless the deck runs out. When someone plays a card you don’t want it to happen if you have a fairy you can play it but if you have a fairy played out in front of you, you can’t elf it (Elves just duplicate the card). When scoring the player with the most cards in front of them...

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This game is about climbing up a mountain and back. You start at the bottom and to the side there is a bar with sections each section is numbered on the board there are spots with a number so if I am at 4 high then on the section side I would go to the 4 section you want to get to the 10 section which is the top. You draw 6 cards and put 3 down. There are blue circles or green circle on top the blue is your lungs on a card there are blue lungs if you get to 0 you die you can get it up by playing a green on your turn if your lungs are 7 or higher you have to put it back to 6. The greens cards are the move cards the number on the card is how many you have to move because some places you must have 2 move to get there and some places you need one. The red places on the board are your lungs it say 1, 2 or 3 if you land there you must take however many away from your lung card. Once you get up you must get down. Then you go up again using your other guy. Once both of your people have gone up and down then you win. If they...

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Shadow Hunters

This game is a mystic battle between shadows, hunters, and neutrals. At the start you get the same amount of shadows and hunters and fill in the rest with neutrals. You may not reveal your card until you want to. You roll you the dice and the number you get is where you go. If you get a 7 you chose where you want to go. If you land there read what it says and if you take a card you may take it. White and black cards have equipment and green our hermit cards which help you see who is who. At the end of your turn you may attack someone on the card next to you on the board (unless you have the handgun) you roll both die unless your special ability on your card says you roll the 4 sided die. The teams are hunters are together who want to kill the shadows. Shadows want to kill the hunters and neutrals have to something else. You win when you win conditions on your card have...

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