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Ultimate Werewolf

Do you want to hunt or be hunted? This game is 5-68 players. There is 1 old man (Dies on the day = to the amount of werewolves), 1 Hoodlum ( He chooses2 people if they both die he wins), 1 Moderator (Moderator of the game) , 19...

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A card game with many mysterious and magical monsters from a Imp to a Fairy. This game starts with each player has 5 cards in your hand you can have Fairies, Imps, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gnomes, and Dryads. Each card does...

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This game is about climbing up a mountain and back. You start at the bottom and to the side there is a bar with sections each section is numbered on the board there are spots with a number so if I am at 4 high then on the...

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Shadow Hunters

This game is a mystic battle between shadows, hunters, and neutrals. At the start you get the same amount of shadows and hunters and fill in the rest with neutrals. You may not reveal your card until you want to. You roll you...

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