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The final betrayal

Today after game club ended Claudia Susana Clayton Ishan and I decide to rent a few games to play one of which was Betrayal at the house on the hill. This game is not for those with weak minds and stomachs with scares around every corner and fights waiting to happen. In this game ended up being the monster I WAS THE TENTACLE HORROR. The good guys had to get to the crystal ball to know the truth. But in my first move i attacked Ishan, he stood no chance against my tentacles. After Ishan was dead I went...

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  In this game you are each a person with multiple scores on the bottom of your guys no in this game the ground is disappearing and going fast with at the end of everyone’s turn a new piece goes away now there are boats which can carry you and if you choose allies to safety on for small islands. It may seem nice and easy but with sea monsters that kill your guys sink your boats and eat your swimmers and sharks Whirlpools and whales around every corner this game is bound to be a hard one. In my game I was...

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Demons invade house

12/17/10 4 people enter a house zero come out. Those four souls were Hudson Josh Arash and Saji. In the begging we were exploring the house and we got items and events plus lots of omen cards when the haunt began I was again the monster but this time I was a DEMON LORD!!!!!!!! The first to go was Hudson because me and my four minions attacked him with all our force which is a might of 21 so the best he could get was a 10 might so he died then went Arash she came back upstairs from...

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New Best Games

That is right my new two favorite games are Quebec and Longshot. Today we played both I played Longshot all the Quebec boards were full. In my game of Longshot Micheal set the new record at 365 dollars i was 10 away. It was a close game in the beginning it was basically the boys in a team against the girls but then two of the girls switched over to my side and it was 5 on one but that person all by themselves got third place which was really good. For the first time today I have seen...

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War in Quebec

This day in game club a epic battle took place. A war between France and England in Quebec. In this game I had to play Will Venable. To begin I was France and he was England at first we started off even but after I lost a couple of units I knew that this game was over. Some of the rules in this game are that you do your move at the same time this is different from other games because you don’t have time to do your move  and look it all happens at the same time. The point...

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