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Strategize to Succeed!

In those heavy games like Age of Empires and Wealth of Nations, to win, you have to be smart, cunning and quick thinking.  You need to be able to asses the opponent’s moves and techniques and use everything given to you as an advantage and a variable.  The better you are at this, the more likely you are to succeed.  This, my friends, can be reduced to one simple word. Strategy. But I’m not here to give a lengthy report about how to exercise maximum potential out of discoveries and merchant ships in Age of Empires III.  (that would...

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The Logbook of Len Tso Yau (part two)

I don’t know if I have much more left in me.  I could die this very day.  But I will fight to my last breath against the traps in this awful hole.  And so I go.  When I finished my earlier break I continued to run.  I wish I had been gifted with more stamina, like one of my more burly comrades.  But then I may have been granted with their incredible stupidity as well.  I run for what seems like ages, but to no avail.  The rumbling is catching up with me.  It gets louder.  Very slowly, it...

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The Logbook of Len Tso Yau (part one)

My name is Len Tso Yau.  I have banded together with some of my fellows to explore the long avoided temple, said to be cursed.  But we, “The Adventurers”, believe there is treasure hidden deep in its bowels.  I am writing this before we descend the steps inside, as a logbook.  If I am to not make it out alive, then this will be the only recording of what happened here.  Perhaps it will help future daring explorers to not make the same mistakes that I might make.  We have finished organizing provisions now.  It is time to descend....

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What do you do when the world is falling apart as you speak?  What do you do when millions are dying of sickness, and nobody has a cure?  What do you do when the very human race is on the brink of extinction??????!!!!!! You play Pandemic!! Pandemic is an awesome game (one of my favorites), and is an exciting, fast paced game that requires an intelligent mind, quick thinking, a ton of strategy, and luck.  Did I mention luck?  In Pandemic, players work with each other against the board, like castle panic.  The gameplay is also a bit like...

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