Tonight we had a game club competition. I played with Teresa, Ellie, Danny. Both of the Long Shot games were full so my group set off to play Fantasy. This was only my second game club so I didn’t know what to expect from Fantasy. But, it turned out to be really fun! Hobgoblins switch the cards you have in front of you with someone else. I was winning and then someone used a hobgoblin and I came in second. 🙁 After that our group got to play Poison. There are three cauldrons and the dealer deals out the cards. You can get purple, blue, red or Poison cards (which are green) You go around the table placing cards in the cauldrons. Once there is a color in a cauldron you can only place cards of that color in it. As soon as a cauldron equals more than 13 the person who put in the last card takes all the cards but the one they put it in. Make sense? There is a way of scoring but it’s a little confusing so I’m not going to explain it. Finally our group got to play Long Shot. I was super excited because I had wanted to play this game. I had heard that #7 was a good horse so I bought him first. Basically Long Shot is you go around the table buying horses, placing bets and rolling dice. If you want more details there are other posts about the game Long Shot. Over all I had a thoroughly exciting, exhilarating afternoon at game club. It was the perfect end to a week that was…..well good.