This was another really fun night! We all got to play Heroes of the world, but some of us got to fly solo. There was Mark, Max, Dylan, and Charles at one table. Then Dakota, Mr. Matera,and Philip at another table. Lastly, the coolest table was the girls table. There was Kat, Minhal, Julia, me, and a special guest. Julia’s grandfather came and played with us. He was so much fun and really caught on quickly! First Minhal went, then Kat, Julia’s grandfather, Julia, and me. We all had a good idea of where we wanted to go, and for Minhal and me, we had some stratigies we wanted to try out. Once we put our seventh guy down on our spot, the war began!
Minhal and I were battling it out for India again, but this time, I spread out a little. That helped me in the end. I came head to head with Julia’s grandfather, and I battled, won, and took victory points a lot from him! Julia and Kat went for the Medaterainian and Africa. People put a lot of books on Africa, and it looked like Kat was going to get a lot of points, then Julia got a really good battle and took all of the victory points! Very intense. Julia’s grandfather and I were really trying to get China, and it had a lot of points too. Just when I thought I had it, he shocked me with a really good card. I was so mad because China had at least 8 points on it. I still got 4, but I was still mad! When we had our brake, Charles surprised us with these really good cereal, chocolate bars he made, and they were good! I got a chance to see how everyone else was doing, and it looked like they were doing really well. I think Mr. Matera was in the lead in his game, and Charles was in the lead in his. Believe it or not, Julia’s grandfather was in the lead with us! Thankfully I wasn’t last! After snacks, we started our next decade. I was again in the lead in China, but Julia’s grandfather caught on to my plan, and totally ruined it. It was nice to see he was getting the game and so was everyone else. By the end, I think Julia or Minhal was in the lead, Julia’s grandfather, me, then kat. I was glad not to be in last for once. After that, we begged Mr. Matera if we could play werewolf, and he agreed! I was a Mason again, with Philip and Dylan. I wasn’t eaten first, but when Philip was about to be voted out, I saved him. At night, I was next to Max L. and he was moving a lot when Mr. Matera said werewolves, choose your next scrumdiliushis dinner. So the next morning I voted him out, and I was right! Sadly that night I was eaten, so I got to see who everyone was. Turns out Mark ate me! Kat was the body gaurd, Hannah was a spell caster, and Minhal was a villager. It was so much fun and I cannot wait until the next one. This is the best club ever!

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