Mr. Matera and his wife stopped over to play Revolution! with me and my wife. It was an interesting night of gaming. We were all trying the game for the first time. We put my children to bed so we could get the competition under way. Mrs. Matera stormed out of the gates quickly, scoring points at will and takely a sizable lead after the first round. I had difficulty winning battles and getting my scoring pieces on the board. I settled into a strategy to try to score the tavern and the harbor, thinking that those points would help me at the end of the game. However, the longer we played, the harder I found it to win battles – I just didn’t have the Force or Blackmail to defeat players with more “power”. My wife quietly found herself with several locations locked up before I knew what she was doing – I was so focused on my own strategy, I had forgotten to keep my eyes on my opponents’. Mr. Matera began shifting the game board in his favor. It was clear that I could no longer win, so I began to strategize ways my wife could defeat the furtive Mr. Matera. As the game came to a close, I jumped ahead 60 points but still managed to finish third. My wife ended up with an extra 120 points and was one point shy of lapping the entire rest of the field. We both enjoyed the game very much and look forward to a rematch against the wily Materas the next time Revolution! is at hand.